Acknowledging the notion of China as a powerhouse for research, development and innovation (R&D&I), the SENET project intended to facilitate the dialogue between Chinese and European research and innovation entities to increase the participation in health collaborative projects. To that end, SENET organised a series of dialogues, meetings and other types of events with the aim to bring together relevant stakeholders and to gather their input and feedback on pertinent aspects and questions related to strengthening collaboration in health R&D&I between the EU and China.

Based on the outcomes of these events, three analysis reports have been developed, that we are happy to make available today.
An Initial Roadmap for enhancing EU-China Health research and innovation collaboration aimed at presenting a pathway towards collaboration, pointing to barriers and opportunities, a report on Strategic recommendations for health research and innovation collaborations, as well as a Consolidated action plan for research and innovation priorities in health to present policy recommendations and consolidate the gained knowledge about needed support measures in an actionable manner.

If you are interested in the work conducted in SENET, we strongly encourage you to contact us via our initiative ENRICH GLOBAL to continue working towards health collaboration at a global scale, or via the project IC2PerMed if you are specialised in Personalised Medicine.

We hope to meet you soon again!