Foster your cooperation and gain valuable contacts through our Capacity Building Activities!

SENET will offer services to bring together relevant stakeholders in the Reasearch and Innovation health sector, through virtual ideation hackathons, call power partnering and roadshows.


Roadshows within SENET are intended to increase the visibility of European and Chinese funding as well as collaborative research opportunities across borders and will offer a hands-on training on how to strategically mobilise funds (funding application training). Experts will demonstrate what funding schemes mean in terms of advantages and drawbacks. They will show examples of successful cooperation and include good practices of projects being implemented between China and Europe.

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Virtual Ideations Hackathons

SENET will launch a call for propositions for three broad and interlinked research domains (e.g. advanced bioengineering, personalised medicine). In each of the 3 calls, candidates with common interest will be brought together to bring up a proposal from idea to elaborate a research and innovation concept and build a core consortium with the objective to propose it for suitable funding sources. The respective groups will be mentored by a SENET consortium partner that will accompany the process and help with identify sources of funding.

Call Power Partnering

3 most promising research and innovation calls in the Research and Innovation Framework programme Horizon 2020 will be identified by the SENET consortium. The “top 3 topics” will be proactively disseminated by SENET to promising potential partners with proven research and innovation experience in the specific domains. SENET will thus accelerate the partnership and network building with the aim to integrate less experienced researchers and SMEs with more advanced teams.