SENET 2nd Policy Dialogue

SENET 2nd Policy Dialogue was held  on March 9th, 2021, as a stakeholder consultation workshop (virtual format). It addressed specifically intermediaries that act as facilitators between R&I actors and policy stakeholders such as cluster organisations, health National Contact Points (NCPs) or networks. The aim of the meeting was to better understand the opportunities for and barriers to Sino-European collaboration in the field of health, to gather feedback from stakeholders on their interests, needs and challenges encountered in collaborative activity – and what measures could facilitate collaboration.

Download the report here.

SENET 1st Policy Dialogue

SENET 1st Policy Dialogue was held on Decembre 9th, 2020, as an hybrid meeting (around 40 Chinese stakeholders participated to the physical event, while European partners and speakers, as well as a public, were online). This meeting aimed at presenting Chinese and European strategies and approaches to support health research before focusing on two specific priorities: prevention and control of chronic diseases and development of the health industry.

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SENET 1st Research Innovation Expert Meeting

SENET’s first Research and Innovation Expert Meeting, held on the 23rd June 2020, aimed at defining common research priorities between China and the EU, developping recommendations for new programmes and funding schemes, exploring solutions on how to tackle barriers to transnational research collaboration and mobility and identifying good practices for peer learning and exchange. The main results of this meeting can be found in this report and will be the basis for the creation of an action plan proposal to be communicated and shared with policy makers, funding agencies and program managers in the EU and China.

Download the report here.

Strategy paper: Towards closer EU-China health research and innovation collaboration

The “Strategy paper: Towards closer EU-China health research and innovation collaboration” aims at assessing the current situation of EU-China health R&I collaborative projects, the participation of Chinese health R&I stakeholders in H2020, the participation of European health R&I stakeholders in Chinese funded programmes, as well as obstacles and barriers to collaboration and of the mobility of European and Chinese health researchers. It also offers an overview of good practices in mobility and the support expected by researchers applying to mobility programmes. This analysis is followed by a first set of recommendations on how to increase collaboration between the EU and China through common health R&I priorities, programmes and funding frameworks and the improvement of researcher mobility.

Download the Strategy Paper here.


Guide for health researchers from Europe and China through the funding landscape

The “Guide for health researchers from Europe and China through the funding landscape” provides a comprehensive understanding of the application process to health funded programmes from the EU and China, the latest developments of research and innovation (R&I) in the EU and China, as well as critical issues and recommendations for researchers. In particular, it provides information on how to apply to a set of different funding programmes, including details on the main objective of the programme, target group, eligibility criteria for application and the funding scheme applied. The funding programmes detailed in this report are the following: H2020, EU Health Programme, and the Human Brain Project at the EU level, and the National Natural Science Fund (NSFC), National Science and Technology Major Project (NMP) and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) at the Chinese level.

Download the Guide here.


Map of major funding agencies and stakeholders in Europe and China

The “Map of major funding agencies and stakeholders in Europe and China” aims to support joint Science, Technology and Innovation cooperation actions between the European Union and China, helping interested researchers, innovators and other stakeholders to obtain relevant information on the main funding agencies, schemes, programmes, and actors from both regions. The selected funding agencies and programmes have a focus on the health topic, either as part of a more general agency or programme, or those that are specifically targeting health. The report identifies a total of 76 agencies from the EU (four agencies), EU Member States (MS) (63 agencies) and China (nine agencies).

Download the Map here.


Scoping paper: Review on health research and innovation priorities in Europe and China

The “Scoping paper: Review on health research and innovation priorities in Europe and China” aims to describe, identify and assess the main health research and innovation priorities between the EU and China, and also on the global level, providing the readers with a comprehensive understanding of the state of play of EU-China research and innovation collaboration on health. In this regard, the report includes sections on health-related bilateral cooperation agreements between the EU, EU Member States (MS) and China, identifying health research priorities and action plans in the EU and China, matching the priorities and developing a comprehensive analysis of European and Chinese healthcare funding mechanisms.

Download the Scoping paper here.