Join our Group Meetings and have a say within the health research and innovation landscape between the EU and China! Develop a sustainable network of health research and innovation stakeholder between the EU and China !


To achieve the project objectives, the SENET consortium mobilises for the duration of the project and on a regular basis a community of Health Research and Innovation (R&I) Experts – representatives of the Health R&I from EU and China, domain experts, Policy experts and health Research and Innovation specialists. They are organised in three Expert Groups that support the consortium.

The Policy Implementation Expert Group, the Policy Making Expert Group and the Research and Innovation Expert Group will work closely together to identify converging themes, major policy priority areas, opportunities to enhance collaboration in the health research and innovation area and mobility between the EU and China.

SENET Expert Groups

  • The Policy Making Expert Group 

This Expert Group is composed of representatives from the EU and China national and regional authorities responsible for setting the policy agendas, funding agencies representatives (health thematic), health authorities or their representatives

 Aims and activities:

    • Outline converging themes relevant for collaboration between the EU and China in the field of health
    • Contribute to tackling structural barriers and propose favourable framework conditions to upgrade skills on the cross-road between H2020 and China funding opportunities.
    • Provide recommendations to reduce or eliminate existing gaps and barriers regarding the different modalities of the EU and China programmes and topics

  • The Policy Implementation Expert Group

This Expert Group is composed of representatives of National Contact Points (NCPs), Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) members, funding authorities, representatives of bilateral health programmes and cluster / associations, programmes owners and managers

 Aims and activities:

    • Identify major joint policy priority areas in the field of health
    • Identify barriers that lead to limited mobility and collaboration in research and innovation
    • Provide recommendations on how to increase the participation of EU and Chinese counterparts in the respective research programmes
    • Assess the conclusion about key restrictions and success factors for the participation in the programmes of the other region (EU and China respectively) and their experiences for enhancing mobility mechanisms.

  • The Research And Innovation Expert Group

This Expert Group is composed of representatives from research institutions, universities, small and large companies : Science, technology and innovation organisations, Including academia, research innovation organisations, science parks, incubators, clusters, etc., among other actors involved in the development and implementation of initiatives within the health sector and scientific and technical experts from research-type organisations, active in a thematic area related to SENET, individuals (researchers, entrepreneurs, RDI facilitators), industry representatives, mainly SMEs.

 Aims and activities:

    • Define research and innovation priorities in the SENET diseases’ target (three types of diseases were identified as major societal/health challenges – chronic diseases, infectious diseases and rare diseases)
    • Identify bottlenecks regarding participation in collaborative projects
    • Outline converging themes for health R&I collaboration between the EU and China
    • Validate a proof of concept of new schemes (participation rules, funding mechanisms, etc.)

Call for expression of interest for the SENET Expert Groups

SENET offers an opportunity to act as policy influencer in the field of Sino-European collaborations in research and innovation.

SENET opens a call for expression of interest to become member of one of the high-level SENET R&I Expert Groups, aiming at strengthening the research and innovation dialogue on health research and innovation and intensify health collaboration between the EU and China.

Registration for expression of interest here.