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Power Partnering:

In the framework of SENET, we have classified several health research priorities in EU and China in the scoping paper: “Review on health research and innovation priorities in Europe and China”. Based on this research, we have identified several topics that could increase the collaboration between China and EU. All these calls encourage international collaboration, notably with China!

The following topics is a selection of current open calls in Horizon Europe 2021:

Furthermore, we have identified the following calls for 2022:

SENET will facilitate the partner search and clarification of the participation rules and application modalities :

  • If you are interested in one or several topics from the above or if you are still searching for further partners for your current consortium around the above topics, please, use the partner search template provided here.
  • If you are interested in joining a consortium in one of those topics, please, download the expression of interest template here.

SENET team will gather all the partner searches and expressions of interest around the above topics to be submitted to

Modus Operandi 

Partner searches and expressions of interest to a specific topic mentioned above will be evaluated and clustered in groups. The teams around these topics will be informed separately.

SENET will organise a telephone conference to introduce the teams and facilitate the discussions about the further steps.

Warranty notice

SENET does not guarantee that consortia get funding and is not liable for any unexpected outcomes beyond its roles and duties. Any conflict of interest shall be clarified by the future consortia. They also should cater for confidentiality issues among themselves.

Participants are advised not to publish or divulge any sensitive research or business data prior meeting the necessary protection measures. SENET is not liable for any improper handling for data.

SENET will anonymise all profiles and expressions of interest including names of researchers and contact details in accordance with its data protection policy and in line with GDPR rules.