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This issue presents an overview of the two first SENET Expert Meetings with Researchers and Policy Makers:

As highlighted in this article and in the full report, it became clear during the 1st Researchers Experts Meeting that a considerate overlap of research interests exist between China and the European Union and that a number of research fields would benefit specifically from Sino-European research collaborations, such as emerging pathogens, antimicrobial resistance, One Health, and aging.  Following the discussions, The main recommendation formulated by the researchers to the Chinese and European policy makers was to agree on one main global challenge they want to tackle together in collaboration and to engage their researchers with true commitment based on mutual interest, providing tailored framework conditions and funding programmes.

During the 1st Policy Expert Meeting (Report soon online), both sides stated their strong will and need for more collaboration, which is even more evident since the COVID-19 pandemic. China and the EU face common challenges, notably the resilience of the healthcare systems. Strong differences persist in the approach to collaboration, that should be tackled. Whilst the EU thinks that success for resilience and the fight against COVID-19 and new infectious diseases lies and depends on the transformation and support of R&D, China expects the promotion of collaboration to serve commercialisation and support a new business card of the country.

The participants to the meeting also explored the potential for collaboration related to chronic diseases. In fact, cancer and cardiovascular diseases are nowadays the most common causes of death, while people spend an average of 20 years with disabilities due to chronic diseases, which is an enormous burden to the health system. Researchers and medical corps both in China and in the EU strongly advocate for new prevention measures to reduce this burden. Additionally, China emphasizes the use of traditional Chinese medicine, which experiences a strong revival in China with new evidences of its value.


Finally, the Newsletter presents the Horizon Europe programme and its ‘Health’ Cluster that covers the following areas: staying healthy in a rapidly changing society; living and working in a health-promoting environment; tackling diseases and reducing the burdens of disease; ensuring access to high-quality health care; unlocking the full potential of new tools and digital solutions and; maintaining an innovative, sustainable health industry.


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