AI applications for health management notably chronic diseases

While automation has been well established in several sectors, machine learning, and particularly artificial intelligence (AI) is spreading gradually and perceived with a certain apprehension by patients and distrust by doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and industries with regards to their impact on productivity, employment and most important on health. Still AI can contribute to several fields in healthcare, for example:

  • Managing Medical Records: Applications of artificial intelligence and digital automation driven by robots that collect, store, re-format, and trace data to provide faster, more consistent access.
  • Treatment Design and Digital Consultation: artificial intelligence systems that analyse data, notes and reports from a patient’s fiche, data mine external research, and clinical expertise to help select the correct personalized and tailored treatment or consultation based on personal medical history and common medical knowledge.
  • Virtual Nurse and health monitoring: Digital solutions can support monitoring patient’s condition and follow up with treatments, between doctor visits through machine learning. The patient can report her symptoms or conditions which uses speech recognition to compare against a database of illnesses. The APP offers a recommended action, taking into account the user’s medical history or help taking medicine timely and in the right doses.
  • Healthcare System Analysis: AI data mining capabilities can screen through large data to spot mistakes in treatments, workflow inefficiencies, and helps area healthcare systems avoid unnecessary patient hospitalizations save time, lower costs, and decrease the probabilities of errors.